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I needed to shoot people again. I wanted to shoot people doing great things for themselves and others. I found the Homeless World Cup to be the place where I could be to express my desires to achieve this. Over two years I followed the games and shot the players in Mexico City and Poznan Poland.
It was important for me to capture the place as well as the people. Many of the players had never left the places the grew up in and to be somewhere across the world representing your country was for most the best experience of their lives. By including their surrounding I wanted to help remind them that it was not all a fabulous dream but a reality that has started them on a road to a better place.
Billy&Marco - EnglandSouth AfricaDaisy-EnglandDaisy-EnglandSouth AfricaMelik-DenmarkSuherman and Farid - IndonesiaTeam WalesTeam IndiaShankari Krishnan-IndiaIvory CoastTiffany-HollandFilip-BosniaAli-WalesSterre-HollandTomas-FinlandDonnie-USADrenko - BosniaDan - NorwayLisa-England