New Membership Program by Anthony Epes Photography

Hey folks,

How are you? How is life where you are?

What a strange time we are living in. It feels, even here in our peaceful little Spanish village by the sea, that the world has changed so dramatically.

There is so much you can’t do right now. And you are not just confined physically – but mentally and emotionally as well.

So let us think of what you can do. What can you use this time for? How can you grow, rather than contract?

How can you acknowledge all of that which is happening, but not let it bind your spirit?

Creativity is not just for the easy and fun times in your life.

Being creative is also powerful for when you need something to help you cope with what life has thrown your way.

Photography can be your salve for your busy, fearful mind.

Photography can bring you joy, helping you rediscover all that is beautiful and perfect right here in this moment.

You can use the beacon of artists and creative people to guide you towards helping you face these collective challenges.

You can use creativity not to just struggle through this and come out the other side, but to thrive in these confined circumstances in which you find yourself.

For sometime, Di and I have been talking about creating a vibrant creative online space where we can gather together all of my online courses and marry it up with an engaging community and excellent support in the form of weekly live sessions with me.

We have now created this space which is unlike anything we’ve seen in the photography community – that teaches, guides, supports, inspires, motivates, and connects you with other passionate photographers.

We want it to be one of the most exciting and inspiring places you have ever visited online.

This was something that has been brewing for a while.  But given that our lives and travel just stopped abruptly, we have been able to spend the last several weeks creating this space – and we’ve made it really incredible.

Our new Membership Program offers simple but powerful learning opportunities to transform your photography.

It is a space you visit to be creatively recharged and inspired. Igniting your ideas and your creative energies.

The Light Monkeys 

Our new Photography Membership Program

Bringing out the artist in you through the power and joy of photography

A place where you:

  • Learn simple but immensely powerful photographic techniques 

  • Learn everything I know about being a creative, artistic photographer

  • Dig deep into learning about processing

  • Log into after a long day to get recharged with inspiring and motivating ideas

  • Get a personalised learning plan to help you exactly where you are in your photography

  • Get motivated when life has distracted you from your photography

  • Connect with people who are also on a journey to become more creative and artistic photographers

  • Get direct feedback on your photography.

  • Have a creative sanctuary that will nurture your skills and help you in your learning

  • Have a lot of fun!

There will be 3 core pillars to our new photography Membership Community:

  1. Learning:

You get the choice to join any of our “transformative”, “life-changing” and incredibly popular recorded online courses.

We are also developing new courses and materials – including a series of videos on the technical aspects of photography and, of course, more content on the creative elements of photography. 

  1. Support

You get weekly access to me in live calls to get support, feedback and advice directly.

I will also be hosting live Masterclasses, Q&A sessions and interviews with our favourite photographers and artists. This is core. This is key!

  1. Community

You are part of a vibrant community created around the love of photography.

So many ideas and so much knowledge has been shared amongst our community, so many friends have been made on our workshops and online courses. And so much fun has been had! This will be everything we’ve done already and much, much more. 

You will find our online courses are short, simple but very powerful – and I distill often complex ideas about photography into easy to understand lessons that you can incorporate straight away into your photography.

Your special offer for the launch of our Membership Program 

Join us as a founding member and you’ll get two very awesome things:

  1. You can lock in an incredible ‘founders’ price of 50% off

And if you buy an annual membership you get:

  • 3 free months

  • A free, in-depth 1-2-1 session with Anthony (incredibly powerful)

There are a limited number of annual memberships available.

You can lock in this founding members price for as long as you are a member.

  1. Open to only 50 people

Our Membership Program is limited to 50 people during the launch week, so we can establish the community and build an incredible foundation for your creative growth.

An additional 50 spots will open up in a few weeks time. 

Founding Membership Price

  • Founders Monthly fee: £23.77  – approx. $29.50 US or 27 Euros.

No time commitment.

  • Founders Annual Membership for only £213.93   – approx. $266 US or 243 Euros

Save £71.33 + Get a 1-2-1 work £275 with Anthony

This gives you 3 months free, plus you will receive a 1-2-1 with Anthony, completely and totally free. You get to choose when this will be, any time over the next 12 months.

We want to live in a way where we are getting more out of the life experiences that we are having.

We want to connect more with what is here in this beautiful world.

Let’s bring ourselves away from fear & panic – and into a place of creativity and inspiration.

Let’s step beyond what is happening in the world and into a space where we can create and celebrate what is beautiful and fascinating in our world.

From all of this fear can spring hope.

From all of this anxiety can spring beauty and understanding.

From all of this sadness can spring our own creative evolution.

Membership registration opens tomorrow. 

The Membership Program launches on April 5th for our ‘Founding Members Month’.

We are getting started straight away – with our first live sessions on:

  • Sunday April 5th – at 10am LA / 1pm NY / 6pm London / 7pm Madrid

  • Monday April 6th – at 10am London / 11am Madrid / 6pm Tokyo / 7pm Sydney

And recurring weekly from then on.

If you want to grab one of these 50 spots – hit yes and tell us which membership you’d like to buy:

  • Monthly 

  • Annual – there is a limited number of these so tell me if you want this!

And I’ll make sure you’re the first to get the sign up form.

Any questions, email us

Have a great day

Anthony and Diana