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KERALA INDIA Gods' own Country

Fine art photography workshop with Anthony Epes

A Eight Day Photography adventure SEA - SUN - NATURE - PEOPLE



Where we’ll stay on a private traditional houseboat and tour the backwaters, stopping at local villages and locations we fancy. Water, verdant nature and lots of slow photography.


We’ll visit the city with a local guide to get a feeling of the history of the area. We’ll jump in rickshaws, capture street life and soak up the ambience of this historical and vibrant city. There will be evening options of a cooking class/demonstration followed by a beautiful meal. We can also take in a local dance performance and photograph the performers as they are getting ready.



Up in misty mountains of the tea plantations we’ll photograph lush nature, local people and create some great mountainous landscape shots. We’ll have a walk with a local nature guide here too.

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For all of those who know me, this won’t be a rushed experience. It’s not in my nature to jump from place to place, taking thousands of images. You will never get the best photos of a country if you don’t spend time truly absorbing the atmosphere of the location and working on composing your images well.

You need to be connecting with the world around you – and that requires a relaxed and present mindset (I talk about this a lot, don’t worry. If this isn’t in your nature, I can teach you! I’ve taught lots of busy minds to slow down and get super-connected and creative with their images.)

I want to hit the right balance between seeing as much cool stuff that attracts so many people to this incredible region of India, with not being over touristy, and just another camera for the locals in a long line of cameras.

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