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Fractal Light

Light has always been my muse and guide. The qualities and experimental possibilities for light are innumerable.

This project started out as an exploration of bubbles, and ended at a place I had not imagined. What at first was an exploration with the translucent colourful material of the bubble membrane in sunlight – turned into an experiment with light and darkness. I started to contrast the colour of the bubbles with a place where there is a total absence of light – the blackness of the void.

The void is thrilling and enthralling. It is nothing but potentiality. It has no light, it has no energy, no depth and no movement. It is a place where nothing exists but it is malleable. One can create out of the void.

In my photos a small coherent light is sent into the void and returned refracted, fractured and brilliant as a rainbow. Using the void as a black canvas I have drawn forth (summoned) the colours of infinity from a single white light using a flowing dancing membrane.

The light dances and disperses, like a song, along a wave a micron thick, splitting into every conceivable colour, alternating in depth and luminosity, having no purpose or destination but to exist for a brief moment in time.

The light forms and colours are directly related to time and the waveform. It is incredible to me that I am playing with waves from the material and the ephemeral at the same time. It brings up the question, long pondered, about what time actually is. We know that it is relative. We know that it is infinite.

I wanted to explore, through experimentation as an artist, if I can combine time with these two fundamental waves of nature into one visible rendition that could be controlled and predicted. It could not. It is not possible to predict what light the wave will return from the void. It seems beyond this artist’s ability to control. And I am fine with this. Not knowing the results beforehand but experiencing the moment of captured results is enough. It feels exciting and completely experimental.

When a light is sent into the void, if it doesn’t come back its journey is infinite.Its only when you place something in the void, a chair, a tree, that something forms into existence. The light I’m sending into the void is not being met by a chair or a tree, it is being met by a soap bubble, a micron thin membrane, that is undulating and waving in the Darkness. There is a point in time where the wave, the light and the void meet. This is what I have recorded over time. And over time is the only way to see it.

The void for me has a deeper meaning. It is the darkness that brought fear as a child and the inevitable death that awaits us all. To use it as a canvas for light – the banisher of all fears, is cathartic and rejuvenating. This work displays that the void has no power, no control over the energy of light. The void is nothing. It is a non energy state and will always submit to the power and glory of light.

I have opened a hidden door in the void and let the light out.

What is returned from the darkness is unpredictable and unique – an eerily beautiful colourful chaos.