New Photos for a new year!

Hello and Happy New Year!
I hope you are all getting on well with 2012.  Beginnings can be hard but remember 2012 will be 2013 in no time so lets make the most of it.  As Steve Jobs said “Soon you will be dead.”

A lot has changed in photographic technology since 2002 when London at Dawn was first published.  I was thinking that the new updated book should reflect those changes.  Digital photography is awesome.  I love the kit, the quickness and the low cost of shooting.  Great stuff!  I was thinking of adding images made with High Dynamic Range(HDR), like the one above, to my upcoming re-release of London at Dawn, due out in June of this year(I still shoot mostly on film).  What do you think? Should I or not?

I promise more feel good photos (even cemeteries can be feel good!) to come this year, so clear those puppy pics off your desktop and make room for great London images.  They will inspire you to have a good day when your out in the hustle and bustle!