19 Photos to Show You Why Your Camera Doesn’t Matter


Today I wanted to have a little fun and make this suggestion – your camera is nothing without you. It’s an inert machine that requires your vision, your inspiration, your excitement and energy to create interesting photos.

So to illustrate this today I want to send you some photos I took in the last few weeks with my smartphone camera.

I want to show you that:

1) It doesn’t matter what camera you have – good photos can always be created.

2) Regardless of where, and with what you are shooting, take time to pause and compose your shot! In fact taking photos in the day-to-day way with your phone camera is an awesome way to practise composition. A little practise every day will do wonders!

So let’s see what I came up with with my smartphone camera in these past few weeks….

How many of the photos in this post are about light?

Light doing interesting things is everywhere. You just need to look out for it….

What do you think? Am I right – or do you totally disagree? I’d love to know!! Let me know in the comments below. It’s amazing hearing what you think.

Have a great day,

Anthony and Diana

PS – here is the 19th shot, taken by Di, on the subject of how difficult it is to take a nap when there is a 5 year old around 🙂