5 Instagrammers who will make you want to travel to Vietnam

Everywhere we travel – from Havana to Venice, Istanbul to deep into the mountains of Morocco – we are witnessing stories.

Stories of the lives of people in places that over hundreds and thousands of years, have created unique cultures, histories, cuisines and ways of living.

As a photographer / writer couple we are grateful to experience so many singular ways of life. Of course the more you see that’s different, the more you see that’s also the same. People are motivated by similar things all over the planet, family, food, love, safety…

But it’s an incredible gift to be able to witness and explore all that is different, glancing at new ways to live.

At the moment Anthony and I are diving deep into our prep for Vietnam. We head there in October to set out everything for our workshop in November. We are connecting with local photographers and artists, reading about the history and culture.

Nothing though creates a feeling of a place more than seeing other people’s images and videos.

Here are some of the photographers we are enjoying right now, that if you take a few moments out of your day, will bring you into new worlds. A wonderful escape/inspiration to plan a new adventure of your own…

Linh Pham

Photographer Linh Pham wants to tell stories about contemporary Vietnam that we often don’t see in the clichéd, sun-flared shots.

“It’s not just the kind of postcard landscape you would expect from the guidebook. As a developing country, Vietnam has a lot more stories to offer.”

His photography tells stories of life in Hanoi:

“In Vietnam, life happens on the streets — just walking around provides you with glimpses about how people are and have always been living. It’s heaven for street photography because of the vibrant activities outside.”

Tran Tuan Viet

I love the colourful, graphic imagery of National Geographic photographer Tran Tuan Viet. Bold, rich and focused on the beautiful composition.

Lan Chi Tra

Hanoi-based photographer loves to create colourful, peaceful images of her native city.

“I often go around by myself, and when I observe slowly and feel it with all of my senses, I see beauty everywhere. It’s a way of meditation for me — a way of mindfulness.”

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Everyday Vietnam

The Everyday projects aim to combat stereotypes of places around the world. Encompassing a global group of photographers, they aim to harness their imagery of every day life that confounds our preconceived ideas of countries, places and people unknown to us except through brief glances in the media.

From Everyday Iraq to Everyday Africa to Everyday Moldova – these storytellers help us reach more deeply into places and people’s lives.

Soái Phạm Văn Vũ

His photos have a dreamy, romantic look – quite pastel driven. But they are pretty, vintage-inspired imagery.

Thắng Thế Lê

Light, moments, and life. Wonderful photos of life in Vietnam, with an artistic, composition-led style.

I hope you enjoyed that sojourn into photography in Vietnam. If that whets your appetite for adventure + photography we have one space left on our new Vietnam workshop. More details below.

Happy photographing,