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  1. jean pierre (pete) guaron
    May 30, 2016 @ 1:51 pm

    Fascinating man – I thoroughly enjoyed your article, Anthony.

    It brought to mind an experience I had many years ago, when an Italian club I belonged to at the time screened a film on Picasso. Up to that point, I’d never had any interest in Picasso’s work. The film proved to be a cathartic moment in my life. I left the club with an understanding of a great man and his works, and a knowledge of the path he’d taken to get there. And the ability to appreciate his paintings – an ability which had previously eluded me, because I lacked the knowledge necessary to understand what he was trying to do.

    We can all learn from the great masters – in photography OR art – and we SHOULD do so.

    That said – once we’ve learned what we can, at their feet, we must take our own path. Imitating them would be plagiarism and pastiche, and an insult to their memory.

    But having taken time out to share something of their work, their views, their thoughts, we can go forward with renewed strength and (hopefully) an expanded view of what we see, and create far better photographs.


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