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“The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.” Henry Miller

Hey folks,

Hope you are all doing really well this week and you are getting in some good photography.

I’m doing something a little different this week for you. Firstly, I get such awesome feedback about the links to photo-creativity-inspired articles I feature – so I’ve got ten awesome interesting things for you to explore below. Secondly, I’ve also got two super amazing deals for you this week.

Dawn photo walks for £20!

I’ve been asked by the Find Your London festival to run some dawn photo walks for them in March, and I’d love all you Londoners (or close to Londoners) to join me. The best part for you is that they are been co-funded by the festival and so are the uber good price of £20 each! It’s going to be a maximum of 20 people per day. I’ll be running them with another photographer and will run from 5.30am-9am.

Booking here:  March 19th and March 20th.

Paris eiffel tower

Get my London & Paris at Dawn Photo books for only £15!

I’m doing a super special bundle deal on my London at Dawn and Paris at Dawn photo books. These big, beautiful photo books full of my best dawn photos of these cities are usually £20 each, but I’m offering for the next 7 days both of these books for £15 – Plus free UK shipping!

Purchase them here.

My ten interesting things:

Interesting photo articles

1. Photo project: Gordon Parks I love reading about interesting people who through sheer force of will and desire overcome social pressures and prejudice to do just awesome things with their lives. Gordon Parks was an African-American photographer, musician and filmmaker, who just seemed to run at life and thrive regardless of the roadblocks placed in his way. This project was shot, but never published, for Life Magazine in the early 1950’s and only recently discovered documents his return to his home town where he discovers that all of his fellow classmates in the all-black school he attended had left the town in search of better opportunities and to escape prejudices. He tracked down all of his classmates and photographed them for this piece.

2. Interview with photographer Sally Mann, who famously photographed her children when they were growing up and gained widespread condemnation, as well as praise, for her frank and open approach to documenting their lives.  Here she talks intimacy and ethics.

“It’s a deeply ethically complex situation when you’re photographing someone because you as the photographer hold all the cards. You always do.” Sally Mann

3. I love photojournalist Yunghi Kim’s work, excellent interview with her here featuring one of my favourite shots of hers ‘Mourning Freddie Gray’ – a really emotive and powerful image. My favourite quote from which was:

“For me photojournalism is more than just taking pretty pictures or creating newsworthy moments. It is about studying people and their situations and making an image in the most human way possible.” Yunghi Kim

La Seine, PAr

4. Photo project – British lifeboat crew fighting the awesome power of the ocean. Lovely colours and composition that really capture the feeling of the sea and it’s strength.

5. This short film made by Diane Arbus’s daughter, Doon, is amazing. Beautiful history of her short life as well as lots of good advice about photography. I’ve also listed some other excellent interviews with great photographers here, including one by Don Mccullin, where he talks about wanting to be remembered as a landscape painter, not a war photographer.

Articles by Diana and I

6. My ten favourite photo books

7. Diana wrote two guest blogs for Foyles bookshop on crowdfunding our photo books: Why we did it and How we hit our £10,000 target

8. My essential quick tips for photographing strangers – on The Guardian.

Not to do with photography, but interesting for creativity

9. I loved George Lois’s book on creativity, Damn Good Advice (for people with talent!) –  how to unleash your creative potential. He’s a bolshy character, with short intense and super smart pieces of advice. And he’s Greek like me (well I am half Greek :)) Awesomely funny and motivating book.

And last but not least, to one of the greatest artists of all time..

10. David Bowie, and his brilliantly weird commencement speech.

That’s all for now folks. hope that was fun for you!

Happy photographing,