A Paris story: Dawn's all-nighters and me

I talk a lot about when I go out to shoot early in the morning how empty the streets are of people, that the city is completely deserted.  Well, it not absolutely accurate – I do meet some people in my wanderings and on workshops, here and there. And the one thing they all have in common is they are all glad to be still conscience after a long night out and get to see the sun come up.

Often these all-nighters want to talk (as people do under the influence) and want to know what I’m all about.  After I explain that I’m out taking photos, a good majority of them insist on being photographed (especially when I was shooting for the books!)  Really.  It’s true.  And to prove it, below are just a few of the people I’ve met at dawn.

I have never ever met anyone in the morning that gave off bad vibes – in reality it is the reverse; people are having the time of their lives!

Those people who choose to be up all night partying, or walking, talking, holding hands and being lovers –  the sunrise is the finishing touch to the perfect evening.

Paris is particularly an all-night party place at almost any time of year, but especially in summer, when it seems almost silly to be sleeping indoors when you could be out in the most beautiful of city enjoying good times with friends and meeting new loves.

Dawn has much to offer the scenic landscape photographer but there are also chances for some great people photography.

They actually went on to build a human pyramid with no prompting.
Dawn becomes the perfect end to a perfect day.
You can always count on the all-nighter to perform feats of magic!
Some spots are so beautiful and iconic even to locals
An all-nighter explaining to the photographer how awesome it is to be out at dawn…no really!
An all-nighter demanding a photo. Brusk manner, but full of hugs – the big softy.
OMG – we made it all night! WOOHOO!
Time to head home.
We love love love.