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Since I was six and saw my first issue of National Geographic magazine(not THE first issue, I’m not that old.) I have been obsessed with photography. When I asked my dad how they got the photos for the magazine he replied that photographers do it. I knew then that I wanted to be one.  A photographer.  A bit corny.  Sure.  But absolutely the truth!

Photography has been my obsession ever since. (When I was twelve he caved-in a gave me his AE-1 that I had been “borrowing” from his room, secretly.)

“On my workshops I will offer you the absolute best photo training.” 

I have worked as a photographer for the past twenty years and though I do naturally have a good eye, I know that is only a small part of becoming a great shooter. On my workshops I will offer you the absolute best photo training. I have spent years training myself, learning about the craft of photography and figuring out how to distill my knowledge to help you take better photos. I’ve developed my skills by going to one of the world’s top photo schools, working with hundreds of exacting clients to produce work that communicates their ideas, and produced my own fine art projects that have gained international recognition. 

“I will help you shoot the best photographs you’ve ever taken.”

Photography is an amazing creative outlet – it has taught me how to really see and experience this amazing world; to not just pass through, busy and distracted, on my way to something else, but to learn to pause and notice the amazing beauty of light in our everyday surroundings. That is why I love to teach photography – to help others have this amazing creative experience, and bring your personal vision to life!

“Being out when everyone sleeps is intoxicating”

Going out at dawn is simply the best time of day to photograph a city. It is the only time when you can see the city as it really is; free of the hordes of people that crowd its streets; free of the traffic that blocks great views; free of stress and pandemonium, an environment where you are able to concentrate and focus on your craft, and light that is as fresh and crisp as morning dew. 

“Going out at dawn is simply the best time of day to photograph a city.”

Walking through the East End of London or the cobbled back streets of Montmartre as the early morning light bathes the city is incredible – it will change your worldview and how you approach your photography. Being out when everyone sleeps is intoxicating. I have travelled and traipsed through several cities, finding the best places to visit and photograph. They aren’t always the obvious places and I always try to delve beneath the surface and find those unique and unusual spots to help you take photos that stand out from the crowd. I want to make sure you have the best photo taking experience you’ll ever have on my workshops.

I’m now a Londoner. My mother is Greek, my father American – and I grew up in California. I followed my English girlfriend (now wife) back to London in 2000 where I was commissioned for my first book – London at Dawn (Metro Publishing 2002/3)

Casting new light on old cities

Think of a city and you will probably picture a busy, crowded and noisy place, but even the most densely populated capitals have a very different side.

American photographer Anthony Epes is travelling the world, capturing cities such as Paris, London and Singapore at dawn.

He explains why he believes it is worth getting up very early to experience cities in a different light.

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