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The Complete Adobe Lightroom Classic ver. 11

with Anthony Epes

There is no better way than being shown first-hand how things work.

In this two-part Lightroom class I’m going to be showing you live how I catalogue and filter my photography.

As well as how I process my images via colour, contrast, masking, Sharpening and other critical Lightroom skills. 
This course is comprehensive yet simply explained in a straightforward practical style. 

You will not need to ever watch another YouTube video or take any other LR class.

Post processing is the place where you really get to know your images. It is the place where most of your time will be spent and it is a huge part of the digital photography process. It is the place where you are able to create a “look” for your work and continue your creative process after making the image in camera.

Lightroom is organized into what are called Modules. In this class I will be covering the two most important modules: the Library Module, where you will find all the images you have imported and the Develop Module where you will do the majority of your image editing.


Lightroom is what is known as a catalog application. Think of it like a library – it is where you store and sort all your images, unlike Photoshop where you would work one only one image at a time.

Beginner Class Library Module


Intermediate Class Develop Module


This class covers Lightroom Library module. The class is split into 3 two hour sessions and covers all the topics below.  This is a live class.


    • Lightroom setup and configuration
    • Set up Lightroom to run efficiently
    • Organize your photos
    • Backup your images so you never worry about losing pictures
    • Use keyboard shortcuts to increase productivity
    • Importing images into Lightroom
    • Organising and tagging images
    • How to create copyright presets
    • Add keywords to your images
    • How to use Smart collections
    • Comparing and rating your pictures
    • File naming
    • How to read and understand metadata
    • Learn about RAW and XMP files
    • Advanced filtering
    • Watermarking & copyrighting
    • How to adjust the Lightroom identity plate to add your logo or name
    • Export high quality photos perfect for printing or posting online
    • How to edit your library and create portfolios

This class covers Lightroom’s Develop Module.  This class is split into 4 two hour sessions and covers all the topics below in a live online environment.


  • Image editing tools like the Adjustment Brush &  Graduated Filter and others
  • Basic tone control
  • How to use masks effectively
  • Advanced Tone Curve adjustments
  • White balance correction
  • Cropping and aspect ratios
  • Presets – how to create and use
  • How to create and use presets
  • How to use snapshots effectively
  • When to use virtual copies
  • Sharpening and image noise controls
  • Expert Split toning tips for stylized looks
  • Learn how to apply presets on importing

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