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On my workshops probably the question I get asked the most is – how can I get great photos every single time I go out? And that’s a tough question – because really the people who know how to do that are professionals. If I have a subject I’m shooting, I always nail the shot. Every. Single. Time. You can’t as a professional photographer get paid for a job and not deliver the goods. You’ll never work again.

So what is it that separates pro-togs from the rest of humanity? We understand light. We know when to make great photos.  We know where to make great photos. We do not think about the process of photography, that part has become instinctual.  We are in creation mode.  And in our bag of tools are certain approaches and techniques that set us apart.

Dates and Times

Sold out January 13th, 20th & 27th, February 3rd 2024

8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 4pm London / 5pm Madrid. Find the time local to you.

The Art of Creative Photography

by Jane Roe
  • Four Live Sessions – 3 hours each
  • Tricks and Tips for Better Compositions
  • Pro Tips on Positioning
  • Better Understand the Qualities of Light
  • Group feedback with Slack app!
  • Master Positive and Negative Space
  • A New Challenge Each Session
  • Sessions Will Be Recorded

After many years of teaching workshops, I have learned a lot about what people are not doing with their photography. What is missing? Why are they not creating those wonderful images they see in their heads?  Why aren’t consistently making great shots?

Imagine being able to take consistently great images every single time you venture out. Imagine having the ability to seek out the most interesting subjects, find the best angles, recognise the best lighting conditions and boom, capture awesome shots every time. That’s what I want to help you achieve with my online course.

This online workshop will totally transform both how you think about photography, and how you take photos.

This will be unlike other online courses in that I won’t be just talking at you from a screen with no way to stop, you can ask questions in real time and get proper demonstrative answers. This will contain four live classes that will be completely interactive.


These are some of the topics I feel will be most beneficial to you:

  • Seeing like an Artist
    • Time to place yourself in awe of your surroundings!
  • Composition
    • Can’t create great images without it. Period. I will go in-depth on the techniques and when to use them.
  • Position
    • This is the kind of composition that most people don’t realize is actually the key to composition. [PROTIPS]
  • Subject Fixation
    • Yes, it’s an awesome subject. But in the 2D environment of the image you need to build solid relationships between elements. [PROTIPS]
  • Light
    • Can you tell great light from good light and bad? You know it when you see it but can you capture the best it has to offer? [PROTIPS]
  • Positive & Negative space
    • Lots of people lump this under composition techniques but I believe it is much more than that. Learn to take advantage of it at all times. [PROTIPS]
  • Color
    • Learn to control color with light and exposure. Learn the emotions of color.  Learn to use color subjectively.
  • Shape & Form
    • I never see this crucial aspect of image creation used enough.  It’s everywhere!  Learn to see it.
  • Previsualization
    • A big word for an essential concept of image creation.  Don’t take it lightly.  This is a must-have approach to being consistently great at photography. [PROTIPS]
  • Philosophy of photography
    • Going out. Getting motivated
    • Attitude
    • Being an observer
    • Having a quiet clear mind
    • Turning photography into your most peaceful time in life.
  • The importance of good editing
    • A good edit will make you a better photographer.  Don’t share too many images.

What people have said about my workshops:


Pre-course submissions

  • You will be asked to submit 20 images for me to evaluate.
  • You will be given a questionnaire to state your passion and interests in this field and photographic history.

Four live classes lasting 3 hours

  • These will start with a presentation on a selection of powerful photo techniques
  • I’ll then take questions, questions, questions – I won’t finish the session until I’ve answered ALL of your questions.

Upcoming live workshop dates:

Time and dates:
Use the Time Zone Converter to show accurate times – or contact Diana on for full time zones info.

All sessions will be recorded and sent to the group. They will be great to reference later, or catch up on anything you missed. Plus even if you can’t make a session you can still submit questions so I can answer them in session.

Four challenges

  • During the workshop, I will set four challenges for you to help you develop your skills and implement what you’ve been learning during the live sessions
  • Some of these challenges will be personalised to you. You’ll all need different things and you’ll all be at different stages so I will create challenges that will benefit you the most.

Group feedback with Slack app!

There will be a private Slack group to share your images and get feedback from me and the group.

Is this for you? What level do I need to be?

I would like all participants to have a basic understanding of aperture, f-stops and manual settings – but I don’t need you to know it all. Maybe you are shooting on semi-auto, that’s totally fine. Just some experience with your camera and an awareness of the technical aspects so that when I go in-depth you’ll be able to follow. Again, I’ll explain everything that you don’t get. Even if it means we go over time, or I need to send you extra resources during the week.

If you have any questions at all, large or small, please do get in touch –