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The Art of Creative Photography Online Workshop

There are two reasons I love to teach photography.

One is that I believe the act of creating art, creating anything, is an essential part of our humanness. We love to make, we love to look at the world and respond with our experiences.

The other reason is that I believe we are all artists. We all have something unique to say, to offer to the world. Our experiences, our stories are particular to us and so, too, is our creativity.

And most importantly – the lessons are focused on taking an artist-led approach. The course is totally and entirely created to helping you develop your inner artist.


New workshop date added: April 1st, 15th, 29th and May 1st (Saturday’s at 10am Los Angeles / 1pm New York / 7pm Paris )

This workshop has four sessions


This online workshop will totally transform both how you think about photography, and how you take photos.

I will be teaching my methodology of creating great images.

These are the techniques I have used to become an award winning photographer, a published artist and having exhibitions internationally.

The techniques I have used to create a career where I have had my photography books commissioned, been featured on BBC World and in many international publications.

These are also the techniques I teach in my workshops all over the world – from Cuba to London, Venice to Hong Kong. I have taught for the Guardian Masterclasses, the London Mayor’s office, written about photography for Huffington Post, Digital Photography School


Let’s take a look at The Art of Creative Photography Online

  •  Would you like critiquing on your images from me, a professional photographer?
  • Would you like to be set challenges, work with me and get continuous feedback on your photography over 4 weeks?
  •  Would you like to fill in gaps to your photo knowledge – asking me directly all the aspects of photography you don’t understand?
  •  And how about having a lot of fun along the way with a small group of people who also love photography?

The workshop will require you to do an intense amount of shooting between our sessions which you will then bring to the group for honest and in-depth analysis of your images.

This will be super interactive – with part of the workshop aimed at learning to critique other people’s images – which is an amazing skill to develop, and will very much help you with your own photography.

For the challenges I set between sessions it doesn’t matter so much what you are shooting, even if you’re just on your way to work, at the grocery store, looking after kids, and it doesn’t matter when – it’s about developing how you see the world. And it most definitely does not matter what camera you use to take your photos!

This will help you develop your skills (which are just like muscles) so significantly that when you are standing before that amazing subject you can capture the shot quickly, confidently and with great ease.

Concrete Alibi_#24_2017

I want all the images we work with on this workshop to be shot during the duration of the course. This is important. We are going to be working in real time, out-of-your-comfort-zone, shooting.

Critiquing and feedback on your images is essential if you are to improve as a photographer – so I wanted to take that concept and make that the focus of this workshop.

You’ll learn more about your photography style, how to personally develop your images in these four sessions that you’ve ever learned before – promise.

I will also be filling in gaps in your knowledge – based on what I see in your images. This is me reacting to you guys and helping you where I see you need it most.

Here is a list of what we will be covering:

  • You will receive a challenge after every session to test your ability to produce great work

    • You will have to make time to shoot 100’s of images between the sessions – on your way to work, at the grocery store, looking after grandkids, doesn’t matter when, it’s about developing how you see the world.

  • We will spend our valuable time together breaking down and analysing your images

    • Image analysis:  You will be tasked with analysing images deeply, working with other people in the group and their photos.  You will learn to deconstruct a photo in-depth which in turn will make you a better artist.

  • I will teach you how to enhance your ability to choose which of your images is great

    • Editing your work down to the best is an often overlooked skill set. We will fix that together!

  • You will be asked to produce a portfolio of work shot during the workshop

    • It will be time to step-up and show your work to the group for review.  Don’t sweat it. It’s only ten images 🙂

  • I will also be filling in gaps in your knowledge – based on what I see in your images.
    This is me reacting to you guys and helping you where I see you need it most.

  • We will have a private online Slack group where we will upload and discuss your images throughout the workshop

    • The more you put into it the more you will get out of it!

  • I will task you to have your camera with you at all times during the course

I will work with you throughout the course to help you develop your own unique style and voice. 


I will challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to go way beyond where you are now, so that when we finish you have a whole new body of work and an exciting new direction for your photography.

This will be unlike other online courses in that I won’t be just talking at you from a screen with no way to stop; you can ask questions in real time and get proper demonstrative answers.

There will be four live classes which will be completely interactive.


On my live online courses I offer an amazing level of personalisation:

  • I will answer every question you have.

  • I will guide each person through this process and make sure everyone understands everything.

  • I will guide each person on their own journey to create amazing images.

  • You will share your work and passion with like-minded individuals.

All sessions will be recorded and sent to the group. They will be great to reference later, or catch up on anything you missed. Plus, even if you can’t make a session you can still submit questions so I can answer them in session.

Moonlight Arches
Sugar Factory with Moon
Moonlight Gate

The Art of Creativity Photography Online

I am also limiting the classes to 10 people each so that I can give you lots of amazing feedback. 

What people have said about my online workshops:

“Anthony’s online class was exceptional in every way and ran so smoothly. The topics covered were pertinent and explained so comprehensively that I had many “ah, ah” moments wherein I finally grasped concepts which had eluded me previously. The assignments were challenging and fun at the same time, the critiques were off the chart “spot-on” and Anthony does not beat around the bush but gives you his honest opinion each and every time. I think everyone felt comfortable regardless of skill level, and it is obvious he really cares about his students’ growth. Don’t hesitate, take the class!”


“Anthony is a gifted, generous and kind teacher. He explains technical aspects of photography clearly, but I most appreciated his emphasis on the art of taking photos. The class far exceeded my expectations in many ways, one being that he was truly available to each student — answering every single question — far more than I’ve experienced with some other teachers. Anthony is passionate about sharing what he has learned over the years, and I highly recommend his classes.”


“I attended Anthony’s online workshop during May and June 2017. I immediately felt very comfortable with the small online group of like-minded persons and especially with Anthony’s very forthcoming and honest manner. Anthony gave us a lot of very interesting insights and even though I’m having a decent amount of experience in photography and post-processing I learned a lot in terms of light, composition and editing.

Although being a professional photographer for many many years, Anthony has still the fire and curiosity of somebody detecting the fascination of photography for the very first time. Anthony’s still strong enthusiasm and curiosity and his ability to transmit his enthusiasm to the workshop participants is what impressed me the most.
I highly recommend his classes.”

“I really recommend this course! The online sessions were great and Anthony’s enthusiasm is contagious! I would come away very inspired. The challenges were great for getting you out there and really thinking about what you’re taking. I wasn’t as technically able as others but this didn’t matter as the course is pitched at all levels- we all learnt something. Working in a group means you also learn from each other, and look forward to sharing your photos and seeing what others have taken. I didn’t want it to end, it was a bit of a game changer for me in my attitude to photography- it got me off my smartphone camera and out there using my digital SLR!”

“Easily a 5 star experience. Anthony is a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher. You can tell immediately that he really loves to share his work, his technique, the insights he’s gained over his career and his energy is quite contagious. The workshop is well organized and remarkably seamless as far as participation. The other participants also seemed enthused and shared the same commitment to respectful sharing. I would love to attend one of his live walkabouts but this is the next best thing. He really does answer all questions, he loves to teach. I learned a lot, changed a number of things and am pleased with the results. I wish I had met him earlier. My wife and I (she also sat in on all the sessions and made comments, asked questions etc) hope to hold on to this connection.”


“During Anthony’s on-line workshop I quickly realised that his enthusiasm and excitement were infectious and bursting out of the screen! His obvious professionalism, experience and the desire to pass on some of this to the people on the course were soon realised. The workshops were well planned and took us all along a steady, ever-steepening learning curve that challenged us and helped us all to step out of our comfort zone. It made me see and appreciate something that I used to take for granted and hardly ever noticed before – LIGHT! Thanks Anthony for all your help,support and critique that has spurred me on even better photos.”