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Welcome to my Exclusive Series of prints. Thank you for visiting me here and taking an interest in my art work.

I am really excited to be offering a limited-edition, limited-time offer of prints from some of my favourite projects.

I am offering a choice of two beautiful prints at a quite fabulous price of £497 for them both. This is a significant saving from their regular price.

I have chosen the lovely size of 16×11 (420 x 280 mm) inches or 16×16 inches (406 x 406mm) for square images  for each of these prints. If you would prefer a larger or small size please contact me.

I’d love to invite you to view the images below and see how you feel. To consider these art pieces hanging in your home, office or to share as gifts.

Price excludes framing or mounting, contact me for options.

Limited offer ends November 13th. To order or ask me any questions email me on

UK +44 7989 949 683

ES +34 651 093 686



by Jane Roe

Emergence is my dream of psychedelia reborn. An eternal cycle of rebirth from the depths of my imagination.

Emergence collection Limited edition prints

Endoderm #2

Uplift Metamorphosis

Vapour Wave Mushroom

The sea taught me the way to be still and be in harmony with it and all life.  It is something that every human will feel given the chance.

Sea Meditations First Editions

16x16inches (406x406mm)

Sea Meditation #9 (Nalanie)

Sea Meditation #8 (Opame)

Sea Meditation #5 (Tora)

For many years I have met the moon at its brightest and found that it is not her, but her glow that I was after. She shines like the sun under the cover of time.

Spanish Moon & Sky collection Limited edition prints

Sugar Factory Arches 

2nd edition

Sugar Factory with Moon

Full Moon Over the Alboran Sea 

2nd edition

Ambient Lighting#1

Ambient Lighting #2

Ambient Lighting #5

London has been many things to me; a teacher, a friend, a place of mystery, but mostly it has been home.  I like to think I am the American who has walked her streets the most in her long history.  Likely not true, but I like to think it.

London collection Limited edition prints

Blue Morning Train

East India Station

Crane Over Hampstead Pond

Hampstead Heath

Hackney Greenway

Hackney Wick

Hackney Wick Pub


Morning Autumnal

Primrose Hill Autumnal

My search for roots led me to many paths leading away from cities and the crushing crowds of humanity out into the desert where I found peace and the spirit of experimentation.  

Cyan Star series My California Roadtrip

Cyanstar #11

Death Valley 

Cyanstar #3

Death Valley

Roadstar #1

Vanishing London London archives 2001-2003

Waterloo Bridge 2003

Dark Parliament

Heygate Estate

Lady Johnson's Wood

Lady Johnsons Redwoods #1

Lady Johnsons Redwoods #2

Lady Johnsons Redwoods #5

Would you like to discuss your art requirements?

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UK +44 7989 949 683

ES +34 651 093 686