Film: The beauty of sunrise in London, Paris and Venice

A few years ago BBC World made a beautiful 4 minute video about Anthony shooting cities at dawn.
I think no-one has made a better film of Anthony talking about the beauty of photographing (and witnessing) the incredible beauty of sunrise.

BBC – Casting new light on old cities

Sometimes I just like to watch it to remind me how we can have enriching experiences, every day, anywhere we find ourselves – if we are only open to what this incredible world offers us.
There is something so evocative and emotional about watching sunrise, especially when it’s very early like in the summer in London.
When you feel like the only one awake in the entire world. When the peace envelops you and nourishes your spirit.
If you feel jaded about life – I reckon watching a beautiful sunrise, feeling the birth of the day, will renew your love of life completely.
“Morning is the dream renewed, the heart refreshed, earth’s forgiveness painted in the colors of the dawn.” Kent Nerburn
It’s still my and Anthony’s favourite time of time of day.