Greetings from Paris

Paris is such a wonderful city and regardless of what the guidebooks say July is a great time to be here.  We are staying in the 15th arr. on Rue de la Convention in a brilliant flat on the 7th floor with a view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance.  It’s a really nice neighbourhood with a great street market three days a week.

I’ve been up at 0430hrs every morning, almost, wandering and exploring the city and loving it.  The weather hasn’t been great – there have been many grey mornings, but that is no excuse not to go out and try to get a shot.  When the sky is clear you can predict exactly what the effects of the rising sun will be, but when it’s cloudy it’s a gamble, and you can never tell if something spectacular will happen, a parting in the clouds with a sudden burst of rich colour stabbing through is always worth the wait and effort and that has happened twice this week.

I’m shooting 120 film with my Hasselblad so I won’t have any posts with Paris morning shots until I do a bit with the digital.  What I will do is post some non-morning photos from afternoon wanderings.

This shot has nothing to do with the dawn project.  It is just cool…I think.  What say you?

I’ll chalk this one up to my huge Ernst Haas influence.  Look him up, awesome stuff.