How to travel like an artist

Lots of people ask me for my advice on how to take better photos when they travel. Even before I ran workshops I would have people ask me advice when they found out I was a photographer – I’ve spend many hours at parties discussing people’s photos and cameras with them. I am always happy to help with tips and ideas, the ‘tricks’ I’ve developed over the years and the plentiful supply of techniques I’ve learnt over my education and career.

But for me the most essential, the most stupendously important part of photography is the approach you take, your personal philosophy almost, how you see the world around you and how that translates to your photographs. It’s connecting with what photography means in your life, how you feel about the world around you and the act of creating that creates so much influence in what and how you choose to shoot.

So today I have created a very short, but hopefully impactful 3 min film that encapsulates how I approach travel as a photographer. This is all about how I experience travel and how that translates into my photos.

I would love to know what you think of this video. Is this how you travel and take photos? 

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Have an amazing rest of the day and thanks for being part of this awesome community of great photo-lovers.

Happy photographing!