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  1. Richard Towse
    November 15, 2017 @ 7:58 pm

    Hello Anthony. I am getting back onto photography having been much delayed by a hip replacement. (shortly after your London at Dawn in early 2016 I went up Snowdon. Brilliant sunshine, deep snow at the top, nasty damage to the hip… finally operated in September. Mending, not complaining…. I read ALL your emails…
    I want to get on with Lightroom, I took on Creative Cloud in August, have done a fair amount of tinkering with earlier photos, but have hit upon Lightroom’s only real limitation, it does not allow access to the image library from multiple desktop/laptop computers. Most people tend to use LR on one desktop, so when I try to work away from home on a laptop I can only access a small portion. Is there an answer to this? Will your tutorials be at a venue where I would need the laptop or on the web?


    • Epes
      November 16, 2017 @ 11:33 am

      Hi Richard

      Glad to hear you are on the mend!
      Here’s the deal with Lightroom. You are correct? The desktop version does not have the ability to share catalog data. But Adobe has now created a solution, though it is just in… what I would call, Beta phase. They split Lightroom into Lightroom Clasic CC (your desktop version) and Lightroom CC, the cloud version that you can connect to from any device. Thing is, Lightroom CC (cloud version) is still LR lite – it does not have near the capabilities as Lightroom Classic. I haven’t even tried it yet – it has limited image processing modules so is of no interest to me at this time. I would try it if you think it may help your workflow, but! – it is also based on storing all your images in Adobe’s cloud, which you pay for according to how much space you need and you will need a good internet connection to access your files. To me it feels like something that may be good a year or so from now, but at the present time it is a weak solution.

      Regarding my classes. I am doing many online now, Art of Photography, Advanced Photography, and two levels of Lightroom classes. You can see them here

      I don’t have any location based classes other than my international workshops at the moment.
      Really good to hear from you.


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