Is the East End the most interesting place to photograph in London? Yes!

I lived in London for almost two decades. It’s a city I love, even though it lacks the beautiful weather of where I grew up in California. And when you grow up in the sun, it’s hard to live with out it. So really it’s testament to what an incredible city London is that I managed to last so long there.

I no longer live there (we swapped it for the southern-California like climes of Andalucia) but I go there often to see family and work.

I have have done so much shooting in the city, and made three books about it. I know the city better than my London-born wife!

I have also taken hundreds of people on my workshops there at dawn, so I feel confident that I can show you the best parts to shoot.

Without a doubt East London is my favourite place to shoot in the city. For these reasons:

  • The mix of architecture is fascinating. You have ancient, hundreds-year old buildings sandwiched in between glistening glass towers. It’s so trippy
  • The history is so vivid and interesting. The little squares, old alms houses, the livery buildings, markets that have been running for hundreds of years.
  • The abundance of different cultures is exciting. East London has traditionally been the place where immigrants arrive first, and set up their lives. You’ll find layer upon layer of different cultures who’ve left their influence on the city. It makes it feel so vibrant and interesting.
  • The street art! Some of the finest street artists in the world make mesmerising images all over the east. Every time I go I see something new.
  • The people – all over East London there are interesting businesses running, projects evolving out of the diversity of influence, good music to listen to, festivals and fun to be had.

If you love photography, and have London in your sights, I encourage you to check out the east. Explore and see what you can find.

Hope you enjoy!