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All the sounds in the video below were created using software to scan the images

Light Music

Light is sent into the void. it doesn’t come back.

Its journey is infinite.

When an object
a chair,
a tree,
meets the light,
light’s journey ends.
It returns as a reflection.
Shape, form and colour are perceived, creating the world as we know it.

The form I ‘brought to light’ in front of my lens is the most elusive, unpredictable, dynamic form I know.

A micron thin membrane.

A soap bubble.

This form meets light in the void revealing…
Colours of infinite chaos,
Shapes of incalculable geometry.

If a bubble pops in the void was it ever there?

The form of the bubble is tragically ephemeral; therefore time plays an important role.

Eight seconds. A short lifespan, and yet, so much colour!
Such depth.

A blink later the bubble is gone. A unique form never to be repeated.

White light and the transparent undulating membrane, a living prism dancing in the void, revealing all the colours within it; The light waves are refracted, twisted and scattered along the invisible wave, exposing light’s infinite potential.

My lens has seen a lot in its time. what was reflected back to it was utterly breathtaking. An eerily beautiful chaos that it had never conceived of before. A symphony of colour and form.
We were both very happy…

I’m a bubblero.
I’m a photographer.
Those worlds were bound to meet.

This revelation of light was waiting for my lens to capture it.