My Venice at Dawn

I’ve travelled a lot in the past 12 months – going between the intensity of London, the dense richness of Istanbul and the seductive chaos of Havana. It has been amazing and wonderful but now Venice is calling me – like a refuge of peace and tranquility. The deep quiet, the car-less streets, the swoosh of slow moving boats and the sonorous peeling of church bells echoing through the city.

I’ve got something a little different for you today which I hope you’ll love – it’s a 2 minute video about the photos I’ve taken of Venice and some of my ideas about photography. I want to do more films – that capture the journey and what I feel about each of the places I choose to photograph. Venice is one of my favourite places in the world – to explore, to enjoy and of course to photograph. I hope you see that in my photos.

“If you died and in your will you asked for your ashes to be spread gently on the Grand Canal at midnight with a full moon, everyone would know this about you – you loved and understood beauty.”  William Goldman, The Silent Gondoliers


Have a great rest of your day, weekend, week! 

Let me know what you think of the video – and if you like it please share. Sharing is super helpful and awesome for me. 

Happy photographing,

My Venice at Dawn