Photo challenge: Sum up the season in one photo

We love doing photo challenges because they are simply a fantastic way to practise capturing ideas in your photos.

You take a concept and then go out into the world and search for a way to capture this idea in an image.

You are practising both the art of seeing and observation – and your composition skills.

It’s a win win.

This weeks challenge is – Capture the season you are in, in one photo.  

Given that you are all spread out over the world maybe it’s coming into spring or autumn.

Maybe you’re in the tropics and experiencing the eternal summer, or you are in the far reaches of the world and its become wintry and dark already.

Where I used to live in London there was a clear distinct feeling to every season. Whereas living in Los Angeles before that, the seasons were less distinct and it was basically sunny all year, with a few weeks allocated for rain when people would go crazy and forget how to drive.

Even when you have an all year round sun, the quality of a winter sun compared to a summer sun, is often quite different.

Where we are in southern Spain you still get a low sun elevation in winter, so you get long shadows for much of the day, versus the hours of high sun over the summer.

To me seasons are all about the quality of light – and what it says about the time you are in.

There is also a feeling in the air of the season, perhaps the crispness of a winters morning, or the luscious rich yellow of a summers afternoon or the smoky thick air of an evening in late autumn.

The seasons change how we experience our environment and nature surrounding us – either subtly or dramatically.

Whatever season you are in – it’s your challenge to capture the feeling and spirit of the season – in one photograph.

Before you start on this challenge I recommend you read the articles we’ve written about capturing the feeling of these seasons – lots of tips, ideas and advice about approaching this interesting subject.

Photo challenge: Sum up the season in one photo

Deadline: Thursday 26th Sep – midnight GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) 

Live photo critique & winner announcement on Facebook: Friday 27th Sep at 7am LA / 12 noon New York / 3pm London / 4pm Spain / 7.30pm Mumbai

To enter the challenge: 

  • Post your photos in our photo-sharing Facebook group Light Monkeys – join here.

  • If you don’t use Facebook simply hit reply, and send them to us. We’ll include our favourite photos in our live critique on Fri 27th. The video can be viewed after on Facebook page or our Youtube channel.

Prize: I will choose my favourite image, and the winner will receive a choice of one of our online courses or a 1-2-1 with me.

So let’s get started! We are looking forward to seeing your shots.

Any questions, comment below.

Happy photographing,

Anthony and Diana