Processing your photos like an artist

I spend a lot of time processing my images. To me taking the photo is merely the start of the creation process.

Processing is a time to play and work and have fun with your images – to see what we can bring out to make them the very best photos they can be.

I started my career as a professional printer, back in the darkroom days, and I still use the same thought process and methodology that I developed then, even though the process has dramatically changed.

The most important thing being that you need to treat each image as the unique entity that it is – some need a little work, some need a lot.

That’s what the artistic approach is in my opinion, bringing your creative vision and experience to each photo to discover it’s inherent qualities.

I know a lot of people find processing intimidating, but in my teaching I am aim to demystify the process – and show you that once you get to know the tools there are infinite creative possibilities for you.

And the best way to get to know the tools is to use them! Have a play!

Here are some videos I made a little while ago that show you my approach. I think you’ll pick up some useful tips from them.

Hope you enjoyed those. If you want to dig in further with an artist-led processing approach, try my new course. It’s getting great reviews already.

Happy processing!