Same place new eyes

The workshops have been going very successfully the past couple weeks.  Nick and I have been having a great time taking enthusiastic photographers out at dawn.   We have a route that takes us into the deep dark City, we have done it many times in the past year, but last week, to my amazement, I made an image I never saw before, even though I had been there a dozen times or more.  And what really surprises me is the fact that, in my opinion(which is not much when it comes to my own images!) it’s one of the best I’ve taken in the area.  Should I be surprised that I saw something new when all I do is “see” all the time?  I’m always on …been this way since I can remember.I think all photographers can relate.  Those of you who can’t – that’s what it is to be a photographer. Beauty in all its forms is our inspiration.