San Fran at Dawn in HDR

Hello Folks!

Two good things to report this week.  Firstly, my next London at Dawn
workshop is June 18th and 19th. It’s going to be a small group
wandering the dawn and early morning London streets creating amazing
images. It’ll be a huge dose of information and inspiration!  (The workshops have been huge fun and the feedback from the participants is just what an ego needs…once in awhile anyway.  Moving on.)

Joining me as usual is Nick Mortimore, Black Cabbie & tour guide who will show the hidden secrets of our city. We’ll be hitting St Paul’s, Postman’s
Park, Millennium Bridge, the Gherkin and finishing up with breakfast a
Spitalfields Market and that’s just the first morning!  We’d love for you
to join us – and please tell your friends!

Last week I was in California, my home state, and had a fantastic time

going out with my nine-year old nephew and his dad for some Dawn
shooting. They were awesome, especially the kid – didn’t yawn once, dad and me… plenty. Aidan rocks!
This is the first photo from the morning near the Golden Gate Bridge.  It’s an HDR(high dynamic range) image and so much fun to do.

Have a fantastic week all.