I wanted to share some of the best articles we have written over the years that we have been told have created the biggest impact on people’s photography.

These are articles that will help you expand your perception of photography, help you awaken your inner artist and give you techniques and skills so you can shoot with confidence.

If you want bring more creativity and feeling into your photography – you will find something marvellous on our list of our best articles & videos.

Sunrise over Du Gia Vietnam

(Do we care about) Kit & technique?
Answer: yes and no

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(It’s really all about) Developing the artistic mindset

“There is only you and your camera. The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are.” Ernst Haas

This is where I start with people in my workshops and courses – your mindset! Because we are what we shoot!

Photography starts with preparing yourself and how to connect with your creative energy, becoming present and connected to your environment and bringing your imagination into your photography.

Here are some great ideas to help you:

  • You are an artist (even if you don’t think you are) – So many people say to me – I’m not a creative person! Well, you are. Every single human being is creative. It is how our brains are made. All that happens to our creativity is that it atrophies from under-use.
  • Two essential things you need to be a great photographer – If you haven’t downloaded and read our Creative Photographers Manifesto – I urge you to do this right now! This is a wonderful eBook which is the very heart of my teaching and artistic process as a photographer.
  • How you live your life is how you take photos – Working out how your personality and habits affect how you shoot – and how to overcome the ones that are inhibiting your creativity.
  • Letting go of judging your photography – We all judge out photos, it’s natural. But excessive judging can inhibit your ability to be free and connected when we go out and shoot. Some ideas to help!
  • 10 Powerful Ideas For Your Photography this year – Many ideas to kickstart a great year of photography for you.
  • What kind of photographer are you? – We are all on our path, our own journey as creative people. So there will never be a one-size-fits-all learning journey. That’s why I personalise everything I teach, so that it connects to who you are as a photographer, as a human being and what excites you creatively the most.
  • Fear is prevalent in almost everybody’s photography practise. It’s a normal reaction to new experiences and new learning situations. I am not immune to it either. Here are two articles about how I deal with fear – How fear holds us back from being better photographers and
  • Fear and photography (it happens)
  • Creativity and Age – There is such a misconception about aging and being creative. I say – let’s get more creative as we get older, not less. Use our incredible life experiences to blossom in our photography.

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(Not the normal) Composition techniques

Sunrise over Du Gia Vietnam

Challenge yourself!

One thing that comes up a lot with people who want to develop their photography is a word that many people don’t want to hear – and that is practice.

If you want to improve at anything, it’s about practice – consistent practice. Even if it’s just one photo a day, or shooting for a few hours a week.

But of course when you are working, living, looking after family and involved in many, many other things in life, photography isn’t always the priority and it can be hard to practise.

And so photography challenges can provide a wonderful way to focus your attention and bring photography more into your life.

Here are some excellent challenges:

Vietnamese man meditating in mud

Advice from the Masters

I enjoy looking for ideas and teachings from great photographers and artists. I am always, always looking to learn more about the craft I love.

Sleeping Doorman Hanoi Vietnam

Non-photography Photography Advice

In keeping myself motivated as a photographer, I love to look for inspiration from all across the creative spectrum. I like to take the advice of my favourite photographer Ernst Haas in this, when he recommended to: “refine your senses through the great masters of music, painting, and poetry. In short, try indirect inspirations, and everything will come by itself.”

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Some pure and beautiful photography inspiration 

Here are a couple of videos I made about my love of travelling, shooting and light!

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