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The Art of the Image The Ultimate Course to becoming artistic with photography

There are two reasons I love to teach photography.

One is that I believe the act of creating art, creating anything, is an essential part of our humanness. We love to make, we love to look at the world and respond with our experiences.

(Because “We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us.” Ralph Hattersley)

The other reason is that I believe we are all artists. We all have something unique to say, to offer to the world. Our experiences, our stories are particular to us and so, too, is our creativity.

This course is focused on taking an artist-led approach – entirely created to helping you develop your inner artist.

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Anthony’s course, The Art of the Image, is amazing! So different from anything else I’ve seen, it’s truly for those of us who see photography as an art form and not a competition for the most technically correct photo. The lessons are packed full of inspiration and delivered in Anthony’s unique style. If you want to see the world a little differently and create truly original photographs then you won’t be disappointed with this course!


I can recommend this course wholeheartedly and without reservation. Anthony’s enthusiasm for the subject matter is truly on display in each lesson. And he has a genuine and down to earth style that is compelling and engaging. The course is very well structured, with each lesson building on the previous. There is a ton to be garnered from Anthony about how to create images but even more importantly, he teaches you a new way to see the world, to be present, to be aware, and this will have a profound effect on your image making. I have been taking pictures my whole life, but only now, after The Art of the Image, do I considered myself a photographer.

Chuck Rubin

(verified owner)  

I can only say I agree with all that others have written about this course.


I had initial doubt if should I sign for this course or not but now I am very glad that I did. The course is interesting and motivational. The instructions are clear and engaging. Assignments are challenging and it’s very informational to read Anthony comments on them and to look at other postings. This course helped me to identify some weaknesses in my shooting habits as well as pointed at skills I still need to master.

Roman S

(verified owner)  

I am thoroughly enjoying this course. In his low-key but highly motivational approach, Anthony will challenge you to see your world a little differently. I like the idea of taking it a week at a time, to really let the message from the videos sink in. There is good practical instruction as well as exercises to help stretch the imagination. The on-line community is encouraging and positive as well.

Susan S

INSPIRING….is the best fit for Anthony! It is with absolute truth that he can claim that “The art of the Images” transforms one in how you think of photography When shooting I’m now looking at all angles…not only seeing the sun as light, but all the reflecting surfaces and thinking LIGHT all the time.. I always saw an awesome sighting/view and took a photo…then this cheeky teacher Anthony called it “subject fixation” and IS HE RIGHT !!…i’m now seeing so many other things all around what first caught my attention…Amazing.. I’m only 71% through the course and have all ready booked a spot to do the course in Spain in May. THAT is how inspired I am..All the way from South Africa to come and sit at the master’s feet…but it seems it’s more up before sunrise…down in puddles finding awesome little artistic images and following leading lines where ever the artist in me ( that i did not even know EXISTS before Anthony’s course) may lead.. I’m also changing to Lightroom editing because I’ve seen him take a perfect picture and make it AWESOME.. ps…the bonus is reading some of Diana’s letters = energising and cheerful!

Tanya van der Walt

(verified owner)  

I signed up for “The Art of the Image” because I was feeling a lack of motivation with my photography. I have taken workshops in the past but Anthony’s style of instruction was different. From lesson 1, I was hooked! Anthony made me think about photography in a creative, mindful way. Each in depth session is full of information, examples, laughter and inspiration. At the end of each session you can also submit your photo’s for feedback, which was very helpful. You can take your time with each lesson and enjoy what you are doing. I do use L/R for my file system and post-processing and thee was a lesson on that which helped. If you want to learn more, become a better photographer, be inspired or challenge yourself. This is a fantastic course. Anthony’s attitude is a breathe of fresh air and a joy to listen to.

Tanya Murchie

(verified owner)  

Wonderful course! I have taken many on-line photography lessons but Anthony’s was a clear step above the others. The twelve lessons clearly touch on all aspects of the very complicated subject of photography. I especially enjoyed the lesson on “Light”; it was very clear that this is Anthony’s passion. The assignments were challenging and looking at others postings was interesting and thought provoking. The format of the course held your interest as it diverged from the typical “lecture” type of presentation. This course is well worth the time and cost.

Paula Oakes

I will be teaching my methodology of creating great images.

These are the techniques I have used to become an award winning photographer, a published artist and having exhibitions internationally.

In every class or workshop I do I have to first work out – what can I teach you that is unique and will vastly improve your photography? What can I do that is not currently being offered?

I can’t offer something that is already available – it has to be something you cannot find anywhere else. Otherwise what’s the point?

What I have to offer as an artist, as a photographer, is unique. All artists have their own visions that have been honed over years of developing their craft and their style.


I want to help you learn from what has brought me to the level that I am at. My techniques and skills. The way I approach a subject, look at the world, capture my images and then process them.

This course is all about developing an artistic photographic approach.

The only in-depth technical teaching will be the two lessons on Lightroom. This is because how I process images and is totally in line with my artistic vision.

I process my images like a painter paints – I work the feeling and innate qualities of the photograph. That is why my photos stand out. These are lessons I want to give you.

Pseudotime #1
Cosmic Soup
Clarity of Evolution

All of my teaching is about learning the various tools and techniques and making them your own. Using leading lines, learning it, and then creating something new with that technique.

So, aside from some basic technical information that I talk about in the course – you will be immersed in the creative, artistic aspects of photography.


Because there is lots of great info out there on the web already about how to shoot on manual, shutter speeds etc.

What there’s a really lack of is information about how to develop your personal style, how to see like an artist, how to inhabit the world and create as I do, and other artists do.


In this course I won’t be telling you how to shoot in my style – I will be sharing the processes I use so you can create the very best photos in your own style.

Whether you love to shoot abstract black and whites, street photography, landscapes, travel, portraits, it’s not the genre but the approach you take that matters.

Now, what I have been most obsessed with in this course is getting format right. I know my teaching is good because I get great reviews from my workshops. But the online course has to be of the same quality.

In this course I want to help you develop your unique style and voice. I want to challenge you to push yourself out of your comfort zone, to go way beyond where you are now, so that when we finish you have a whole new body of work and an exciting new direction for your photography.

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12 week online course you will receive:

  • 12 weekly lessons – You will have access to these forever, so go at your own pace.
  •  8 hours of video lessons – There will be an in-depth presentation on each concept, with supporting videos and texts with plenty of examples – so I am not just covering the subject once and moving on, but making sure you understand the techniques and concepts fully.
  • 12 challenges – which can be done weekly or when you are looking for new ideas to shoot. This is aimed at helping you embed the learning by doing. You only really know something when you can explain it to someone else – or demonstrate it. These challenges are fun!
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The Art of the Image 

Who is this for – the beginner or advanced photographer?

I would say this is for the inspired, motivated beginner looking for how to build an approach and methodology of creating beautiful images.

For the intermediate to advanced photographer – this is for you if you are looking for new ideas or a fresh approach. If you want to develop beyond what you are doing now, if you are stuck or frustrated with your efforts and you want consistently better results.

We never stop learning as photographers, as artists. There are always fresh ways of thinking. I am always seeking out new ways to see the world, from other perspectives.

I read books on philosophers and neuroscientists, I watch documentaries on writers and painters, I go to exhibitions and talks, I take classes offered by other artists. You never know when other ideas will spark new journeys and inspiration.

What kind of camera do I need?

Any! This course is about developing your skills as an artist, to compose interesting, beautiful and compelling images. Regardless of if you have a smartphone, film camera or DSLR – this course is not about your equipment but about developing your vision as a photographer.


The Art of the Image contains weekly lessons on:


Seeing like an Artist

  • Time to place yourself in awe of your surroundings!
  • The art of seeing
  • What you notice is how you live your life
  • Inhabiting the mindset of an artist

Creating your images with composition

  • What do we want to achieve with good composition?
  • Can’t create great images without it. I will go in-depth on the techniques and when to use them
  • My philosophy of the guiding principles
  • Breaking the rules

Technique and practice

  • Position – This is the kind of practice that most people don’t realize is actually the key to composition.
  • Angles
  • Working the scene
  • Slowing way down
  • Stop ‘snapping’ photos
  • Getting beyond the obvious shot
  • Element placement
  • Creating subject relationships
  • Filling the frame

Subject Fixation

Yes, it’s an awesome subject. But in the 2D environment of the image you need to build solid relationships between elements. Being in awe of your surroundings is why we do this, but it is the discipline that creates consistently great images.


  • There is no “bad” light, only bad choices. You know it when you see it but can you capture the best it has to offer
  • Qualities of light
  • Different types of light – hard, soft, back, rim, artificial light
  • Mixing light sources
  • When to shoot
  • Patience and better result
  • Practical exercises in learning about light


  • Learn to control color with light and exposure.
  • Learn the emotions of colour.  
  • Learn to use colour subjectively


  • A big word for an essential concept of image creation.  Don’t take it lightly. This is a must-have approach to being consistently great at photography.
  • Having a quiet clear mind
  • Turning photography into your most peaceful time in life

Processing and editing your images: the Artist’s way

  • The importance of good editing: A good edit will make you a better photographer.  Don’t share too many images.

Philosophy of photography

  • Going out. Getting motivated
  • Attitude
  • Being an observer
Joshua and Morning Sky

Buy the Art of the Image as a gift

If you know any people who love learning about photography – The Art of the Image can also be purchased as a gift. We’ll send you a lovely gift certificate so the recipient can be sent the course.

Simply purchase the course and then email me and I’ll send you a gift certificate. I’m on

All of the course materials will be available to you forever – for months and years to come, so you can always reference them at any point.

If you are not 100% satisfied at the end of the workshop (and you’ve shown up and done the work of course), I will happily refund your money. No problem. I have never had anyone ask for a refund because they didn’t enjoy my workshop, and I ain’t going to start letting people down now! But if you feel it hasn’t met your needs I will gladly, without question, give you a refund.

If you have any questions at all,  please do get in touch at 

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