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The magical Astrophotography of Jaxson Pohlman

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Sometimes photography can bring you in touch with the worlds and life beyond our mere small planet.

As someone already fascinated about space and the possible life in the galaxies far far away, I love Jaxson Pohlman photography.

Pohlman has become well known with his Astrophotography, and creating beautiful images of star speckled skies and rich coloured moons.

My fascination with Astrophotography started when I first saw a few photos of the Milky Way on social medias. It blew me away. I had never seen it in real life, so I was beyond inspired to see and capture it. When I was 19, I was gifted my first cheap crop-sensor DSLR camera and immediatly took it outside to photograph the night sky.

I was completely shocked by what came back on my camera screen. There‚Äôs something magical about photographing in a dark environment and seeing the world around you come to life through the camera. I fell in love with Astrophotography right at that moment.” Jaxon Pohlman

Even when he’s pointing his camera here on earth, and not into the mesmerising expanse of stars and other planets, his photos seem to capture the timelessness and otherworldly aspects of the planet on which we live.

His photos evoke the feeling that my kids would call ‘epic’.

Here is an excellent article about Pohlman and you can see his work on his site or Instagram.


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