Video lesson: Finding beauty in the mundane

It’s a misty, damp day here in southern Spain. I’ve been out on the beach with my kids combing for interesting things. My daughter in particular loves finding things with me – we are always looking for the most interesting stones possible.

My son loves to drift off – walking and running and playing. It’s a beautiful sight to see the kids in this fresh air, away from the intensely urban life we were living before. It’s quite a gift.

I had a lot of fun on Sunday hosting my webinar on the photo challenge – Finding Beauty in the Mundane. There were lots of interesting entries which I discussed.


I love looking at peoples photos and giving my feedback – it’s really fun.

Check out the video – which is packed full of ideas and tips on composing.

Check out all the entries from the photo challenge here.

I’d love to know what you think, what you learnt and if you totally agree/disagree with my comments! Let me know on below.

Have a wonderful day,
Anthony and Diana

An interesting rock.