Video: Are you holding your camera the “wrong” way?

One thing I never fail to see, at least once, on one of my workshops is someone holding their camera upside down. I quickly, but not always, make the effort to “correct” this person into holding the camera the way it was “meant” to be held.

I may tell them once, or more often, if they don’t mind (I always ask if its ok!).

It is a hard things to unlearn. Like forgetting how to ride a bike. Good luck!

What I didn’t realise was that 90% of the people I was correcting were women. I may be a really good observer but sometimes I am as blind as those mice.

I have always believed viscerally that I knew what I was talking about – until I saw this video from Irene Rudnyk. Check it out. Mind blown!!…at least mine is…