Watch Me Process Your Photos!

Would you like to watch me process your images LIVE? 

Would you like to see how I would go about working on YOUR photos? 

I approach processing how I compose an image – with the spirit and soul of an ARTIST. 

Every image is unique. I work on bringing out the inherent qualities of each of my photos, playing with the image and experimenting with different approaches. 

I love processing – it is such an exciting part of bringing images to life. 

I want to help you not just learn new skills and techniques for processing – but the confidence to explore, experiment and PLAY!

Fog over the Golden Horn Istanbul Turkey

Today in my new Light Monkeys Membership Program I am inviting members to send me their images. 

I am going to be processing them LIVE in our Weekly Thursday Live Session.

I want to share my approach and techniques so everyone can learn new tips and ideas on how to go about processing like an artist. 

I still have space for ‘Founding Members’ to join.

As a Founding Member you not only get the membership at a super awesome price (forever), but you also get the chance to work with me directly in the early stages so I can give you lots of direct feedback, advice and teaching. 

Vietnamese man meditating in mud

As well as all the other incredible Member benefits like all of my ‘transformative’ online classes, community, weekly sessions + masterclasses.

Read about the The Light Monkeys Membership Community here – and as always comment below or email me if you have any questions. Have an awesome day everyone – and stay well! 

Our Live session today is at 10am Los Angeles / 1pm New York / 6pm London / 7pm Madrid 

If you are in Asia / Australasia / Eastern Europe and this time doesn’t work for you I am doing sessions in my Membership program on Mondays to suit your timezone.