What can I help you with?

Hello everyone,

It’s been a fine day here in the mountains of Morocco. The sun is so warm during the day, and then the sun sets and an intense chill pervades.

Standing on our terrace and looking up over the mountains at the clear, clear sky to watch the stars is a magical experience.

There is always the smell of woodsmoke here in the evenings. As you walk through the streets, the low lights create beautiful shadows on the colourful walls. I feel like I am miles away from everything and everyone.

We’ll be heading on to our next stop in about 10 days, so will be enjoying the walks in the hills, good food and excellent photography while we can.

We have promised the children a Christmassy location and the possibility of a Father Christmas visit. These are small compromises, we know, for the sacrifice of taking them away from their beloved grandmother and extended family at their favourite time of year.

Today I want to ask you one important question.

What one thing could I help you with in your photography?

What are you grappling to get to grips with? What knowledge do you need that would make a big difference in your photography right now?

Di and I are planning our next set of articles and posts and we would love to help you with your photo issues.

We want to be insanely useful – so please, offload your photo difficulties and struggles onto us and we will try to help you with them!

Just hit reply and let us know.

Have a great day,

Anthony and Diana