What is your photography vision?

Good day to you all,

I don’t like to have complicated goals in my life. But I do like to have a vision for my life that I follow each year.

Last year I was focused on expanding my skills, starting a brand new photo project and getting more feedback on my artwork. Did I achieve that? I did mostly, but not in the way that I thought I would.

I like the unexpected elements of life, and when new opportunities for creative growth appear, I have learnt to embrace them.

My favourite selfie of the year!

I also learnt some tremendous new skills – not the ones I actually intended to learn, but ones that will massively help my journey as an artist.

Normally around New Year I like to pick out my favourite images of the year and show these. But 2018 was such an unusual year for us, with projects dominating my focus rather than singular images, that I am choosing the things, rather than the photos, that have made the biggest impact to me photographically.

Three things I am most proud of creating in 2018:

  1. New Photo Project: Sea Meditations

I have never lived by the sea before. Something pretty profound seems to shift in me being so close to water all the time. We fall asleep at night hearing the waves – which sound sometimes gentle and calming, and at other times roaring with energy.

Full moon at night

I have loved witnessing the daily change in the sea, its changing colours, feeling, textures and energy. Of course, everything I love I want to photograph. So over the year I have been photographing the sea for a new project.

This is such a different project to ones I’ve worked on in the past couple of decades. It also reflects where I am at in my life. I am in a more reflective, meditative state of mind right now. I love connecting my energy to the natural world all around me here – and this project truly reflects that.


  1. New Photo course: The Art of The Image

I’m not going to lie – creating this course kicked my butt! It was a steep learning journey that took me two years to work up the courage to attempt.  And, of course, I wanted The Art of The Image to be magnificent.

I knew I wanted to create something that would be creatively unique – and would take people on a deeper artistic journey with their photography. I knew that it would take all of my attention, my passion and my skills.

And you know what – I think I have done a good job. Well, that’s what I am being told by the students on the course (Phew!)

I have to say I am extremely proud of this course. I rose to the challenge – even when it felt like an impossible task. And I created something that people have benefited from. Pretty grateful for that experience.

3. New home: Southern Spain

Di and I never intended to come to Spain. It wasn’t on our list of must-go-to places. But life – and our children – had other plans for us, and it involved this gorgeous little area of Spain.

This place has opened up so many avenues of inspiration for me photographically. Of course, it’s beautiful to be by the sea, and it’s super relaxing. But the area is intensely rich for photographic opportunities.

From little mountain villages that make you feel like you are back in the 1950’s, to the gorgeous seascapes, to the buzzy city and hip street art of Malaga, to the pine-scented walks through the forests and vast landscapes to capture, to the beauty of the Moorish architecture of Granada made more mesmerizing by the rich orange sunsets.

There are so many opportunities for compelling photographs, and every time I am out exploring I am blown away by the possibilities – which will lead me later into telling you about the new workshop we have created in Andalucia.

But first, a question for you:

What did you create in 2018 that you are proud of?

It could be one thing, or three like me. Or more.

It could be one solo photo or a project or something you’ve learnt or mastered.

It doesn’t matter what it is. What is important is the time to reflect on what we have done with our time (not always thinking about what we haven’t done).

Now let’s move onto this year ahead: What will you create in 2019?

This has to be my favourite photo of my daughter this year

We now have a fresh clear run where we can create whatever we want. Yes,  whatever we want.

We can dream and imagine and create anything. So:

Who will you photograph?

What will you photograph?

Where will you go?

What will you learn? Perhaps you’ll start shooting on manual? Or learn more about HDR? Or work to improve your composition.

Maybe it’s time to take a class at your local college, join a photo club, buy a book, watch videos.

What will be the outcomes for your photography? Perhaps you’ll make a book of your images? You’ll start a project? You’ll take portraits of your family, or print your work for your wall. Maybe you’ll start a blog?

This is such a good time to ruminate on what your photographic vision can be for 2019.

Even if it’s just saying – once a month I’ll take an afternoon to go explore my area and take photos. Or I’ll photograph the everyday life of my dog.

Here are the things I want to create in 2019:

  1. Finish my Sea Meditation project and have it exhibited

Last year I met two people who have become part of my art team. They are challenging my vision of my work, bringing new ideas flooding into my photography and helping me take it to exciting new places.

This year is the year then that I will bring my new work into the world. With the help of my new team I have some exciting plans – and I will commit time and energy into making it happen.

I haven’t had an exhibition in a couple of years now and I have to say I miss it. (It’s so exhilarating to see your work out there in the world, being looked at and experienced by strangers.)

  1. Create a library of inspiring courses for people

Creating my first online recorded course, which is where most of my personal learning came in, has been thrilling. It is now my intention to focus on building a fantastic library of online courses – so that you can access my teachings easily and affordably wherever you are in the world.

Aside from getting good reviews (aren’t we all a little susceptible to praise?) one of the most joyful things for me about creating The Art of The Image is seeing the progress people are making. As the lessons go on and people post their images, I can see that they are making brilliant leaps in their photography.

That is so inspiring to see. To know that I created something that is helping people (again, love the praise!) but also for people to see the possibility of making such significant progress with their photography when they make a commitment to learn and practice.

And it’s not just me saying: take my course. You should choose the way to work that works best for you – for example, if you prefer to learn through books. (My favourite photo website for technical advice has just updated their book Understanding your Camera, which I thoroughly recommend.)

  1. Support Di’s launch of her book – The Everyday Art of Living a Creative Life

The person I turn to when I am in need of inspiration is Di. She is like a fountain of inspiring energy – and in our circle, she is the person many people turn to seek clarity and new ideas on their work and projects. So I am going to create the environment for her to book to excel.

So much of our work – my work – is driven by or inspired by Di’s ideas. So I want to make sure that this book comes into the world and she can share her ideas on a wider scale. Because she is my wife, I can be shameless and say you’ll definitely love her book.

So again with the questions – what are you going to create in 2019?

Where will your photography take you?

I would love to know – let us below.

Now for some exciting news – Di and I have developed a brand new workshop focused around our new home.

This workshop is going to take in the best of the area of Andalusia where we live (sea, mountains, whitewashed villages, Granada, street photography in Malaga…) but it also is going to be a creative retreat where I teach you many of the advanced composition and technical skills I use every day in my photography.

We’ll be shooting lots of different locations, using many genres of photography. Every day I’ll be teaching you new skills to make the best of each location.

Some of the subjects will be quiet and meditative and beautiful (shooting the sea, walking through forests, exploring the dappled light, capturing the landscapes and mountains).

Some will be more intense and busy – capturing the street art and urban life of Malaga, creating interesting photos of the Moorish architecture of Granada, exploring mountain village life and finding portraits.

We’ll do night shooting, dawn shoots, we’ll go out at dusk for the rich, beautiful light of Southern Spain.

Each day we will be doing feedback and sharing sessions so you can see how other people approached the same subject, generating within you new ideas and ways of seeing.

At the end of the workshop, you will have an incredible portfolio of images, five of which I will have professionally printed for you and shipped to your home.

Developing your Artistic Vision: A photography retreat in Andalucia
Monday 20th – Sunday 26th May

Early bird price – £1,477 (Includes tuition & transport within Andalucia)
Regular price – £1,847

The aim of this workshop is to develop your personal artistic vision and style. To delve into your inner artist.

I will provide you with a multitude of subjects that will challenge you to learn and develop new skills, to see that anything can be your subject when approached with the mindset of an artist (the gas stations on the highway, the sunset on the ocean, the church in the warm sunset of Granada.)

I will be giving a very diverse selection of subjects which will challenge you.

We’ll be shooting for several hours a day, with the rest of the time spent learning new techniques, developing your creative vision for your photography and reviewing your images.

We will be photographing:

  • Street photography, urban architecture and the street art of Malaga
  • Beautiful seascapes, nature and beauty of the Costa Tropical (where I live!)
  • The industrial outskirts of Granada – juxtaposing the abandoned theme parks and vast architectural warehouses with the magnificence of the Sierra Nevada Mountains (the area reminds me of Ernst Haas’ New Mexico work)
  • Grandeur, history, windy streets and the Moorish architecture of Granada at sunset
  • Exploring the lost village of El Acebuchal
  • Capturing the pretty Spanish mountain villages around Granada
  • Creating compelling landscapes around of the foothills of the Sierra Nevada

During the workshop, you’ll be processing your images with me giving you lessons, tips and techniques so you fully get to grips with processing and where it can take you artistically.

You will leave the workshop with at least 5 finished images which I will have printed at my favourite London printer, and shipped to you after the workshop ends (how much fun will that package be to open?)

This intensive workshop will help you dive deep into your creative self and develop a stronger, more unique photographic vision.

From beginners to experienced photographers – you can all benefit from this intensive, fun and challenging workshop where we can all share knowledge, feedback and experiences.

Some of the highlights of this workshop are:

  • You’ll learn how to tell stories with your images
  • You’ll learn how to develop a personal creative vision of your photography
  • I’ll fill in the gaps of your technical knowledge – giving presentations as well as plentiful demonstrations as we are out shooting
  • We’ll do in-depth processing so you can make your images the very best
  • We’ll use the multitude of subjects around us to discover new aspects to your photography
  • You’ll learn professional lessons on creating images in a variety of genres
  • You will leave with many new skills – plus a new portfolio of images

The workshop will use our village of La Herradura, which is by the sea, as our base (we are an hour east of Malaga) from which we will explore and take many trips.

We’ll be using my beachfront apartment for our teaching sessions, critiquing and processing.

There are a number of places to stay in our beach town – from great little hotels & B&B’s, to airbnb apartments. More details are on our workshop page.

Info & booking for this awesome new workshop: Developing your Artistic Vision: A photography retreat in Andalucia

La Herradura

I would love to hear what has been meaningful for you photographically in 2018 – and what you are planning to do in the year ahead.

Any questions, thoughts or ideas – just hit reply.

Happy photographing,

Anthony and Diana

This was taken on the beach outside our apartment 🙂